What is the single biggest factor in making you a financially successful Java Programmer?

ist2_460436-business-series-can-i-help-you“Quality” – Simple to say, not so simple to achieve …..

Code developed in a commercial environment needs to be robust, testable, well documented and debuggable.

The attributes you need to become a financially successful developer are Quality, Care and being Dependable. Gain these attributes and your reputation will grow, you will gain more, better paid work and more repeat business if you are freelance.

This vital knowledge is not often emphasised on training courses. It has been at the forefront while we have been developing this course, our aim is provide these skills in addition to the Java technical skills.

The course is designed to provide the real world skills you need to become a successful commercial developer, and to help you learn how to build robust real world commercial systems.

Java Success

Java Success

Why Learn Java?

  • It is easy to turn your Java skills into a well paid career.
  • The average contract rate in the UK is £450 PER DAY [source] – and that is during one of the worst downturns in the IT job market in living memory.
  • It is 2nd most popular IT requirement for advertised positions in the UK.
  • There are plenty of free and easy tools to allow aid quick learning and development of Java applications.
  • The Java expertise you gain can be used on many different platforms, not just Windows, and not just PC’s either.
  • You will be in demand from employers all round the world

All our courses are backed by our a 180 day no nonsense money back guarantee.

Using video based learning you will:

  • Collect and Digest information on the Java Programming language.
  • Practice the various concepts and understand them at your own pace.
  • Improve your productivity after seeing Java tools in action.
  • Learn by visualizing concepts, it is so much easier than learning text.
  • See demonstrations of building, compiling and executing Java applications.

The Java Online Portal is available anywhere.

The Java Online Learning Portal is available anywhere.

The Online Learning Portal:

Within our specially constructed online area you will be able to:

  • Watch the video tutorials.
  • Review course notes to accompany the tutorials.
  • Download code examples.
  • Perform online tests to confirm your understanding.
  • Follow instructions to write and test a complete Java application.
  • Join discussions with your fellow students in our course forums.

Java Fundamentals Video Course

The Java Fundamentals Course takes you from first steps in using the Java language and introduces you to the core constructs of the language.

Course Content

Module 1: Getting Started

Installing Java and eclipse workbench for Java.
Using main method
Hello World application.

Module 2: Variables

Declaring, initializing and using variables.
Difference between primitive data types and object references.

Module 3: Objects

Creating and Using objects.
Using Constructors
Calling Methods with Parameters

Module 4: Classes

Interfaces and Classes
Inheritance, Polymorphism and Encapsulation
Using Encalpulation to protect data
Overloading and Overriding Methods
Access Modifiers

Module 5: OO Design

UML class diagrams
UML Sequence diagrams

Module 6: Testing

Testing philosophy
JUnit 4
Boundary Conditions
Test Driven Development

Module 7: Arrays and Lists

Creating and using arrays
Creating and using lists.

Module 9: Exceptions

Catching Exceptions
Throwing Exceptions
Finally Block
Defensive Programming

Module 9: Loops

While loops
For loops

Module 10: Using Logging

Why Log
Pitfalls of Logging
Using Apache Log4j

Is this course for you?

You have to be motivated to learn from an online course.

For the lazy person it would be easy to buy this course and ignore it, or to watch the videos but take no action for the assignments and sample applications.

If you can be described as lazy, don’t buy this course, you will waste your money. To gain the full benefit you will need to allow time to perform the assignments. Programming, as with most things is best learnt by practice. This course is setup to allow you plenty of practice. But that does require your commitment.

Will this Course teach me all I need to know about Java?

No, Java and the class libraries provided with Java is a huge topic. This course only covers an introduction to Java. To get to a position where you are competent in Java you will need to continue with further courses or learning.

What happens if you don’t like the course?

We have a 180 day no nonsense guarantee, if at any time with 180 days of purchase you decide the course is not for you let us know and we will refund your course fee. It could be for any reason at all.

We want you to be happy with the course, if you are not, we don’t think you should have to pay for it, as simple as that.

Your Instructor

Paul Chandler

Paul Chandler

The instructor for this course is Paul Chandler.

He has a degree in Computer Science from the prestigious University College London, where in 1987 he was one of the first to learn the C++ programming language.

He has over 15 years commercial experience with Object Orientated Design and Development, firstly with C++ before moving over to Java. He has worked on large enterprise systems for the likes of IBM, British Airways, The Prudential, TUI and Avis.

These are the kind of endorsements he has received from his Java development work …….

“He takes pride in delivering quality code, and always takes a lot of care to make sure his work is thoroughly tested.”

“not only does he consistently deliver dependable and thoughtful code …..”

“Paul is a very diligent and careful developer.”

You will no doubt agree he is perfectly qualified to teach the style of Java programming required in the corporate environment.

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